The Gospel of Luke 2021

This Winter and Spring The Story of God and God’s People takes into the Gospel of Luke. We will spend three months tracking the life of Christ in Luke’s Gospel, which began with the Christmas story, stretching out into the far reaches of Israel, and ultimately to (spoiler alert), the trial, death, and resurrection. We have a daily reading list for you to do either in your personal devotional time or with a small group. Below is link to the reading schedule that you can print and cut into a bookmark for your Bible, or simply come back here what the day’s reading is.

You can also find Pastor Paul’s daily blog on our “A Look at Luke” study four years ago. The readings won’t match up perfectly and we chose to change where we focus a little bit, but you may find it a helpful tool to go along with your reading.

Also, be sure to join us online on Sunday mornings at 10:00am Central as Pastor Paul and other preachers will take deeper dives into passages detailed by Working Preacher’s Narrative Lectionary. Let’s start 2021 off right by immersing ourselves in the life of Christ!

On January 10th, Pastor Paul referenced this sermon as a resource on his thoughts on Baptism more broadly. If you’re interested here it is. We only have audio of it, since it was from before we had video and live streaming capabilities.