Worship at Aldersgate Church

Worship at Aldersgate is designed to be a casual but meaningful space for our whole community to find spiritual connection, healing, and growth together. When visiting, you will find a warm and welcoming congregation who cares about others. Let’s face it: Coming to a church for the first can be intimidating and even awkward. Here at Aldersgate, you are welcome to just as you are you, with no strings attached. For more tips and insights about our worship experience, see our Check Us Out Page.

Below you will find an archive of our online worship experience (affectionally referred to as “Stream-Land”). To go back further in our online archives, check out our other live-stream platforms at our YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, and our channel on the Boxcast App (available on smart phones, smart TVs, Apple TV devices, and Roku). We have been live-streaming since about 2018, but in COVID times we have realized how valuable the online experience and the online congregation are. We are constantly working to improve this experience, and find ways for our online community to connect. Be sure to contact us if you have questions.

Stream-Land at Aldersgate Church