Every Meal

Aldersgate Church is partnering Westwood Lutheran who is the Every Meal sponsor for Aquila Elementary School here in St. Louis Park. Every Meal is an organization that partners with other organizations to close what is called the “weekend food gap” for kids. Kids often go hungry on the weekends and Every Meal works to minimize this by providing a bag of food for kids at the end of every week to help them get through the weekend. The sponsor funds the food and its delivery to the schools, and they help distribute the food into the classrooms at the end of every week (click here for our schedule and to sign-up).


You can help by volunteering to deliver food to the classrooms. Just sign up via our Signup Genius page. It only takes about 30-40 minutes, but you do need to be able to do some moderate lifting. We will make sure there is someone there to guide you if you’re a first-timer. See the Signup Genius Page for more details.

Learn more about Every Meal’s incredible work by going to www.everymeal.org